Kindof Studio is a full-service agency, busy designing and building beautiful digital products, brands, and experiences.

kindof studio is a project created by Teresa Dulin, multi-discipilary Digital Designer based in Spain.

The Studio focuses on branding, digital design, user experience and user interface design. Teresa has been building digital products for 10 years.

After having worked for some agencies in Madrid, Spain along with great and talented people, in 2015 Teresa relocated to Gold Coast, Australia, living and working in there. In early 2016 she took on the role of Head Designer at the recognized agency Thrive Web.

In 2018 along with her Partner, Mario Lopez created and launched Kindof Magazine, a new digital, travel and inspiration photography magazine with the aim to showcase their particular point of view of things.

In this year she moved back to Spain and founded Kindof Studio, a new digital studio that focuses on Branding, Brand Guidelines, Web Design, UX/UI Design and Digital Design.



Brand Identities

Print Design

UI/UX Design

Art Direction


Web Design


We have a passion for visual identities and digital technologies, which inspires us to provide both consistent and creative solutions. At Kindof Studio we craft brands with purpose and precision. That, combined with a high-performance workflow has earned their clients acclaim.

We explore and define a visual style for each brand in shaping a design that works, while also keeping the architecture, the design systems and the correct use of brand elements in mind.


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If you want to discuss freelance opportunities, side projects and collaborations on challenging and fun projects, please get in touch via email:

Additional portfolio, references, and other information available upon request.


Drop me a line hello@kindofstudio.es